“The Devil wouldn’t…

recognize you…”

I am pleased to have finished this new illustration and I can’t wait to see it in print!

‘With a quickness’ is from Roar’s Wraith Epona. Without giving too much away; Lolair leads Siraj back to the battle field and finds Aurora stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This was all done in photo shop with my 2004 Wacom Tablet.

Soldiers prayer

“May we walk silently among the bones of our ancestors so we might hear the weeping of the widows and the song of our ages.”~Prayer from Roar.

Some sketching with Pen.

I have not done art for Roar in a few weeks. So it felt nice to have a quick ( 2 hr) pen sketch at hand. I doodled with no preconceived notions and this is what I got. Roar sitting at a table contemplating the things she’s just learned, and Siraj has successfully breached the Citadel to approach her about a deal neither of them can refuse.

Currently I lack the proper editing program to ‘fix’ the art.


At some point I’ll go back and fill it with color and paint bringing the scene to a more fruitful life.