Fantasy Art is ART.

Fear NO ART.

Fantasy art is ART.

'Unicorn' acrylic on canvas board.
‘Unicorn’ acrylic on canvas board.

Tainted Ink Press’s mission is to cast aside the narrow minded shackles of a dubious art world.

Fantasy art is ART.

While our themes are romantic, heroic, trying, comedic and distantly scored away in lands yet to be discovered in our physical forms, but have visited a trillion time in our minds, they are no less real to us as a hanging mobile in a breeze way.

Fantasy is the root of humanity. With out it there is no ART.

For the last 80 years comics, and fantasy illustration has come to the modern art world in many forms.  Sexy, buff, scaled and horned.

Titans have come before us privileged students, breaking the molds and shattering the steal of our ease. Once a theme to be mocked and held between the pages of our math book, all those hours buried under living room forts striking out deals with your dungeon master.

The art created by the toil of thousands of artist is no less real than a pollack, or Picasso. Then why is it we as the exiled of leather and tool have so long suffered the wrath of mockery and ducklings have come to take over your very world.

Today our movies and TV shows are boiling with the fires of dragons. Masterful movies bring ancient beast to life on massive screens. Blood thirsty roan dragons unfurl spiraling tails against unruly halflings, and an audience of 200 million cheer.

So let us friend join in this journey together, to free the art once so imprisoned as a farce to the edge of the woods.

Hear me deviants and elves of the green wood. Be no longer discouraged for the meek have inherited the earth, to unleash our thundering cavalry and undead upon your quaint beaches.


The Great Roan
The Great Roan



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