Commission a ‘starving’ Artist.

If you would like to have works of art commissioned by the Artist of Tainted Ink Press all you need to do is contact the artist @:

All images and works of art remain the intellectual property of the creating artist unless otherwise noted.

Many artists will sell an original piece and maintain all rights to the image and produce prints, and other media unless otherwise negotiated at the onset of commission.
Quotes for works cannot be given until first initial meeting between artist and client.
An Example of cost: 40×40 Original works range from $600- $2500.
A nonrefundable deposit of *25% of the agreed upon price of work is expected before work starts.
*This is Industry standard.
Some artist has a subcontract whereas the ‘holder’ of the work may be in a request to loan the original work for a show. The 90-day notice is always given. And credit to the ‘owner’ is placed on the works placard.

C.S Grable

Saving a soul by changing history.