As a young artist I would get frustrated and down on myself when I would see all these other wonderful creations and works produced by my peers, and strangers. I would get a knot in my gut, a twisted angry little thing that would eat my creativity and leave me seething that I wasn’t getting anything accomplished. I’ve burned, torn,trashed and recycled my works over the years, improving my technique and style.

Having been doing this for nearly 3/4 of my life, I now understand, some folks will do the same art, over and over and over until that is all they have mastered, the art is incredible, the application of paint perfect, composition fantastic and nothing can be said about the piece other than…its beautiful. But upon closer inspection…everyone of their creations…looked the same…when placed next to each other. Even the tones, strokes and mood.

I hope to find that my work varies, has hideous flaws and that I have place for growth.