The POWER of doodling.

Doodle: To make spontaneous marks to help one think.

 I’m a doodler, I’ve been busted, punished and labeled over the years. But a few intelligent and open minded adults  saw the amazing out come of what I could do, if left to my own pen/pencil meandering as a student. I would lead classes in the topics of discussion after an hour of fast pen marks, and scrunched brows. Sometimes I could get called upon by a snarky instructor accusing me of ‘artistically masturbating’ as he put it. But stepped back as I rattled off the circulatory system, and then the respiratory…without a hitch and in great detail. I was then encouraged to draw, and to teach others my ‘secret’. Surprisingly the military was the most supportive to my inking antics.

My own day to day life is full of scratches, doodles and cryptographic work. My maps and directions are often dotted with ‘land marks’ that look more like a map to Disney land or Knott’s Berry farm. Even my stories and art are doodles, pages and pages of ideas are sketched out. When ever I would get writers block and the words became short, I turned to drawing, and the prose went to the side and I was able to full fill my muses demands.


My doodling transcends to my Equestrian work as well, all my notes to understand the complex, yet simple anatomy of the horse is drawn out in pages of bone structure, tendons and ligaments. My chicken coop designs had 10-15 doodles of varying designs, shapes, access and materials listed and drawn on them.

One can communicate with drawings and doodles alone when there is a lack of common language.