What fuels the heart.

My art has been filled with horses since I was two. Pinned to my board is a 6 legged horse, mane flowing in the air, its legs in motion…it took 34 years for me to manifest that child’s dream.
If someone had told me a year ago I would embark on a journey through the forest of Equestrian care, starting from the ground up, I would have laughed into the sunset. Now I can not imagine my life without the sweet smell of horses in my hair, my clothes, my truck and even my linens.
My guides in this strange life.
My guides in this strange life.

Their spirit, calmness, open hearts and forgiving nature has taught me to be a better human being.

I hope to return the gift by helping human and equine alike in finding a peaceful balance between our modern world and the true nature that courses through our veins.

Sam has gifted me strength and patience.
Felix is teaching me the gentle hand of his kind with only laughter and love filling my heart, even on the most frustrating days, they greet me with unconditional love.

Thank you to all whom have lifted a hand to me in this journey.

I hope to honor you all.