The Purge.

2008-12-31 23.00.00-75

I’ve given away most of my art, even sent some to the local thrift store on Adams. What am I supposed to do with hundreds of pieces of works? It all weighs too much, I’m too damn occupied to sell it ( and people aren’t buying art right now as it is, something about a shitty economy and a financial depression) so I have no other choice but to destroy it, or dump it.

It comes down to management and marketing. I’ve done the art shows, trunk shows, live art (as opposed to dead art) street fares, and I have an ETSY site. It all takes energy and time. Two things I have set aside for moving,farming and horses. I do the art for the sake of creation. Everything else becomes a massive headache, and folks just don’t want to pay anything for art. So I’m at this point where I would rather not have to deal with it. Its a frustrating conundrum.

Such is art.