The Gift of Epona

The Gift of Epona

'Dusk' acrylic on sheet canvas. 16x20
‘Dusk’ acrylic on sheet canvas. 16×20

We as human beings are generally selfish and single minded, we desire what is best for us. However there are some fellow beings on this planet that always remind us, we aren’t alone, and to treat the life around us with respect dignity and love. These beings come in many forms, with feathers, gills, hooves and fur. Some are gentle and loving as my totem the Horse, But fierce when provoked. And this is who that story belongs too.

Guardians, leaders, traveling companions, bearers, slaves and friends, these are only a few of the names we call them.

El Caballo


In the Celtic and Pictish tradition the Horse was worshiped as a goddess, a transcendence of her, Epona. Epona is my patron Goddess, I seek her wisdom,counsel and look to her patience. She is the triple, the trifecta. Her nurturing words lend ease to pain in Equine and human alike. Her children, spirited wild and curious have been the reason we as a species are able to thrive. Upon their backs we have conquered our brethren and sister nations. Across a continent they have carried us, around the world, up and down hills through the sea, and across rivers. We owe them. We should love and worship them.


The Horse is a sacred being, the Shamans of the native people believed that the White Horse was the messenger of the other world. The White Horse bared the souls of the departed to the summer lands, to the after life and into birth. The drumming of Horses hooves signified new change; the whinny was the warmth of their words upon our ears. The Horse is the gate keeper the master of mysterious realms.