The fallen so far.

At one time, artist were revered like shamans, amazing beings who could call upon visions from world’s where the regular of our kind could barely dream to venture, honored, held on high and devoted too with festivals, foods, even ritual love making to entice the muses to come forth and give a nation it’s blessing through works of art. Those who offered the muses hospitality were RICHLY rewarded in this life and the next.

Now the kin and kith of my kind are slighted as troublesome accoutrements of a slothful society, creations of stone, and steal, paint, and stucco treated like plagues and torched as such.

Voices from a millennia calling to demand the retribution for a power so vastly cast as insignificant in all things as we move forward as a benign species, the acts of our hierarchic proof of our civilization’s dreadful pudding.

When the free minded are posted, and locked away to silence the universal thoughts that are to be shared and learned from, to mentally and physically free a kinds beyond our simple grasping, to free ourselves now from the punishment of the simple minded.

To step away from the lashing critique of a world’s menial ideals to return to a single ideology, a voice that brings shared light and growth, not demise and destruction.