Taking my own advice

Sometimes we need to kick ourselves in the artistic pants. Buckle down and do the work.

I’ve been attending a bi monthly art shop started by some long time friends. Professionals in the art and media field come together to work on projects and just relax in an art atmosphere promoting growth and exchange.

Last week we had a cos-play model and that was fantastic, the outcome? I had some rough work, and some scratchy awkward outlines. I clearly need to practice.

This gentleman took the words right out of my mouth.
He took to his muses call and headed back to the Source.

My Upstairs Studio Blog

I took my motivational advice from a recent writing.  Giving my artistic muse a kick in the pants, I left my studio for an outing with pad and pencil in hand and met up with some artist friends at the Texas Memorial Museum to relax and draw.  Saturday morning a half-dozen members of the Austin Urban Sketchers and I met at what should be called the Texas Natural History Museum instead of the Texas Memorial Museum.  Built in 1936 as the first Texas state museum, it contains wonderful collections of fossils, animals, fish, bugs, and meteorites from Texas; lots of natural history and drawing opportunities out of the rain and gray weather.

Texas Memorial Museum Texas Memorial Museum

Anytime I’m out and about sketching, finding a place to sit usually dictates the subject of my drawing.  I found a nice bench in the Paleontology section right in front of a collection of bones.  It just so…

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