Yon Hero

Wynter rose2“Take no challenge from the Gods with a laugh, your life your blade and scream to the skies you accept and thrust that blade in to the heart of your enemy, then you may have rest yon hero, when the evils have been vanquished, the Earth still with blood, and the skies have opened from her mourning of the wars, then yon hero, only then may you rest with the peace of a thousand years over your brow, till then fight on, fight on with shield in hand, sword over head, crying out to the Gods..” I hear you, and I will bring you to your KNEES!’ Sing loud yon hero, sing high. Sing till the ancestors have blessed you with the light of the heavens and the world spins at your command, go yon hero, go and save the tender of heart, offer thy hand to those in need, bring peace to us all, and then..yon hero, you may rest.” Bardic song of the last hero, Roar the last Wraith of Epona. ‪#‎Roar‬