Picked up Manga 5

So I bit the bullet and downloaded Manga 5. It was not as expensive as it used to be. I picked it up for 50$. I’ve been wanting this illustrative/comic art program for a few years now.

Now I have a new lap top with the engine to run the programs and to render them.

My WacOm tablet from 2004 took the driver installation like a champ, even giving me a cool new little handwritten note taker that even transcribes to social media…and this Blog .Check this out… I’ve been waiting for this technology since K was kid. The ability to be able to do this we fumy hand, and to have the compute translate it offers the real thing (that awesome day) you or mind meets ‘reality’.

That entire section was written in my own hand and the script translated it. Not only can I draw like I was in my sketchbook, I can write and still use that physical creative process needed to tap into the ultimate muse source.

So for now here is a blink at a page in the first adventurers in my Manga studio quest!Roar pg 1