Mythic Journey


I grew up with Fairy Tales, and Bible Stories, Old and New testament. The Greek tragedy, Pegasus, Unicorns and Dragons. The evil that lurks in the hearts of dark Knights who’ve sold over their souls to demons.

I suckled these stories well in to the night, my dreams would fill of dark wood, and elves coming to my aid. I would journey for months in a single nights dream. As a child I would Quest with my favorite of imaginary friends, though in my innocence it was nothing more than dreams.

Ouroboros: The cycle of all things.
Ouroboros: The cycle of all things.

Children have a power, humans have a power when in their right minds; they can transcend this earthly plain to a realm of Gods and Great Power.

Speaking, praying, chanting to these Gods, Mountains roaring with Fire, we gave reverence, and even sacrifice.

Now the ageless, the 10,000 year old tale…the ones we’ve forgotten, the ones to be told  over and over with a new flesh, a burst of flame and feather. Swallowing the tail of our own serpent.