Good props.

I’m in the progress of doing more art continually. I finally got a nice new sketch book with an amazing texture.

GREAT for pencil!

I took the opportunity to do a few warm up pieces that turned into a fine work. Something I’m pleased with. I have been known to be the keeper of oddities and history with in my family. That book is 150 years old and is an Old Medical Manual from everything from measles to dealing with Broody Chickens. The Eagles are solid brass, (one of those book ends old naval officers keep in their dens.) and double as weapons in case of intruders.

The Sword is my favorite. It was my Grandfathers when he was a commissioned officer in the Navy. I’ve oftern drawn the skull, it too has a peculiar past, one of dark, murder and mystery.



As a kid, I LOATHED drawing still life art. Didn’t see the point. But now as a seasoned painter and artist I completely understand their purpose and passion in my own art. As much as I love fantasy and creating powerful jawed dragons, curvy heroines and lither hero’s; I’m always drawn to sketching the simple shapes that create the museum of my physical manifestation.