Crucify the children…

“You should have burned that city to the ground, crucified every child; for now they charge down that road to your doom born on horses of your own kin.”  Her eyes stared down the black field, the trees pressed to the burning earth, not a stone stood as they came in a force of ten thousand. The Ground rattled a death rasp under shod armored hooves. The air filled with their breath, the clasping of leather groaned over the sound of breaking shrub and broken trees.

“They come to OUR doom, Tezra.” Alitair reached out to her leg, instead Tezra threw her silver spurred heals into her horses side, he bucked and bolted knocking the Knight a step back. He howled in protest as she galloped forward passing under the closing portcullis looking West, her form blanketed by the towers shadows.

Tezra gave one last short glance back at the grinding gates, her eyes on Alistar. He raised a single hand as the doors came shut.

The Crushed hill side gave way to a cobble stone road, the Calvary began to split, shift and expand across the horizon, Roar at its front. Her sharp hawk eyes saw the mounted rider, lapas blue cloak favoring the tan walls. Roar stood in her saddle, feeling Lolair open his gate he veered right, out flanking the vanguard.

A tsunami upon the back of wild eyed horses rushed on with out their commander. Not a hesitation in the stride.