Yule Tide a work in progress.

Now that I’ve got the photo shop up and running ( knock on wood) I can get some drawings done faster. While I am a traditional artist, I am flexing my college skills. Granted those skills are a bit rusty, but nothing I can’t over come with practice an time.

If I survived any knowledge from my short attendance at AI San Diego, it was the importance of layers, and saving often.

Each year I’ve done an all Hallows themed piece, and a Yule winter themed greeting card. This year I wanted to share the unspoken love and bond between a truly odd couple.

Lolair, Aurora’s faithful and ever protective mount, and the Damned Lupine Hassan, and last son of Anubis… Siraj, the ghost.

Siraj and LoLoFB

Siraj and LoLo copy

Siraj and LoLo copy