As a child I sat on the stairs in front of the apartments to stare up at the summer moon, wishing myself away from the urban inner city that was my home. I found solitude and peace in the vast openness that was Space.

heic0106a What stars I could see glimmered back at me, whispering “there is so much more to see…” even then as a child I understood the vastness of the open sky surrounding my planet. I knew there was much more to it than what preachers and poets claimed. And I wondered ‘…how can I get there? 

‘There’ being my own world, Pangaea. The one I grew in my head like a delicate seed from a long lost species of plant.

Pangaea is through one of these portals, and all I hear are the stories shuddering through the solar winds.

Are we so arrogant a species to believe our realm is the only one? Once this planet was flat, and our seas rolled off mad edges into an abyss, aback a turtle flying through space.