Your Innermost Thoughts…

Brilliant, happy thoughts seem strange and unusual when they first appear in consciousness.

via Your Innermost Thoughts Are Unique To The Universe.

As an artist this is a subject I delve on frequently and have even discussed at great length. Our thoughts comprising of our world, and that of our minds.

If we spend 95% of the time thinking about the same 65,000 thoughts a day…what does that say about my soaked mind?

The tower.
The Tower. pen on paper with ink.

I’m chatty, creative and have difficulty keeping my thoughts in order. Ideas blend into others, thought colors creating explosions of story on a constant basis. Am I day dreaming when I’m drifting on to Pangaea and chasing Aurora across a frozen tundra, her thundering south with Orcs on her trail? Am I day dreaming my own escape, or am I seeing a place not so different than our own world? One with multiple suns, mini moons and a large dying purple dwarf star?

Is my farming my steps to meditation where my thoughts grow as my seedlings do?