Muse: Knights of Cydonia

Muse’s ” Knights of Cydonia” wasn’t new to me audibly, however the music video produced for the song is a new visual challenge.

This video takes this song over the top of ridiculous awesomeness! It’s Thundering song decorated with well practiced characters toiling for their survival in a harsh arid time in our country’s history.

Most people aren’t going to like this video, may even loath and hate it and ask…”WTF?”

It is campy, wild, dangerously crosses genres and gallops us across a landscape of story wrought with deep messages.

I LOVE it as an artist, novice musician, director, filmography. The costumes and sets are fantastic, great choice of furniture, color clashing patterns, tones and fabric.

The Wild West (from 1890-1920) is my all favorite American time in history.

Enjoy the video.

* I am not making any monetary gain by sharing this video. This video is being shared as educational material only. To be studied for concept design, story boarding and editing. You can reach the source link by clicking on the YouTube icon. All rights are reserved to Warners Brothers and the artist Muse.