A fun lesson in rules.

Happy 35th Birthday Elf Quest. <3 Roar and the Clans.
Happy 35th Birthday Elf Quest.

“Well well look who’s come to the old’e seer now. Guess you should have listened, eh child?” My inner crone cackles as she shuffles back into her tree dwelling, small fairies shutting mossy curtains behind her bent form.

My lesson in reading all the RULES.


A few days ago I cranked out a 12 hr project, labored through the night until 5am like a mad woman on a mission.  I was pleased and finally finished the work and passed out on the couch.

“If anyone knows anything it would be that we know nothing…” Again the cackle.

The next day I pulled my old’e laptop from the moth ball pier. Got it up and running and was pleased to see time had not eaten any of my many awesome digital editing and film programs.

I had managed to get the 11×14 piece of art stitched together in my war horse of a computer, up loaded it and was ready to send it off to the Gawds of Comic con. I sauntered over to the rules page to double check I had followed the rules.

As my eyes scanned the list I paused…after the very first rule…”We prefer color art.” Well rain on my parade, I did the entire piece in black, white and shades of grey like the comic when it first came out.

Broke rule one already. I’m off to a fantastic start.

2. Please send art submissions as electronic files. For all art submissions, we prefer an electronic file to ensure that your art maintains the color look you intended.

3. PDF is the preferred file format. If you’re sending an electronic image, it should be a 300 dpi color (CMYK) TIF, JPG, or PDF file. If it’s a TIF file, please make sure all layers are flattened. If it’s a PDF file, embed all fonts.

4. We prefer emailed files. Please email your art to ccisouvbook@comic-con.org

5. When signing your name on your art, do not include email, website, Twitter, or Facebook information or any info that will allow readers to contact you directly. Any piece of art with this information on it will immediately be disqualified from consideration.

6. Please do NOT include a copyright notice on your art. Comic-Con will print the proper copyright notice below or near each piece of art used. While the artwork itself is copyrighted by the artist, we will include a copyright notice for the characters the artwork portrays.

7. Please do not combine characters from different companies. For example, we cannot use art that includes Superman with the Avengers or other companies’ characters (however, characters from the same company, such as the Avengers, X-Men, and Dr. Strange together, are fine).

…OK doing good, no copy right, saved as a Jpeg, no character combining…?

Then there is rule…

8. Please do not include your own characters or congratulatory messages that advertise your company. The art should be a tribute to the anniversaries being celebrated, not an advertisement for your own properties.

Ah giggle my sugar cookies what? Dang nabbit, the whole point was to be showing awesome support from the creations they inspired. I tried drawing Richard and Wendy’s elves, but nothing, not a bit of inspiration dawned on me. Not until I gave up and decided I’d show the love and awe from my own in depth world.

I failed to pay attention, and I have a beautiful work for it, but this won’t be in the booklet. Not this year.