The Power of SkyRim.

“Gather round my Brother n Sist’as and let me bring you to the light, yes you creative venturing souls, come hither and pray for that game, oh pray ye heathen and find heaven’ah”~

Last Dragon King.
Last Dragon king. TIP2013

Skyrim, brought to you by nerds like me, spurned by our dawning ages of technology, we wish to wield weapon, grow great beards…( not me) gallop through endless moutain escapes and lead bandits to their doom…by luring a giant ice bear to their camp.

It will take you on a grand trip as a Dragon-born learning the ways of Skyrim. Your choices and actions will reflect through out the entire game. I get called Sneak Thief in Riften. I didn’t mean to steal the book.

Yes this is the great child of a generation of amazing artist putting their works to the stick monkeys at Bethesda.bethesda

I love to game, and like a recovering addict, I must balance out my play time with real time.

And when I do, I play Skyrim.

In a land riddled with wild bear, wolves, fox and dragons you can find yourself lost galloping South to White Run with a Troll chasing you…and a Bear chasing him…

Skyrim Troll Bethesda Games 2012
Skyrim Troll Bethesda Games 2012

You can follow the main story and find your destiny, or seek the embrace of the Night Mother.