Comic Con 2013!



cci2013_souvbook_elfquest 1978 was an Outstanding year…Not only was I born, but some of the most inspirational comics of my childhood were first published.

Anyone who knows me, can attest to my obsession in these glorious colorful comics and graphic novels. I spent hundreds, if not thousand of hours drawing reading and absorbing Richard and Wendy’s world.

As a kid I effortless escaped into their colorful world while trying to escape the often stressful life of an eldest child. Cutter was my guide to the Wolf riders, and I’ve traveled a thousand miles across the ancient places the Elves of the burning hallow traversed. Up to the great mountains of the flyers to the deserts.

So this year I’ve been offered a chance to repay the kindness inspiration and challenge.

What will 130,000 comic fans think of my tribute?


I wonder.