Vandalism or Art?

Jesse Perez, gallery owner Houston TX. Vandal work by N.C
Jesse Perez, gallery owner Houston TX. Vandal work by N.C

Art is creating subjective emotion,  stirring one’s consciousnesses into a higher being.

I have strong opinions about art and what I like, however my taste is flexible and very organic, changing and growing as I do.

In my youth I held a curious disdain for Jackson Pollack. I found his work boring, lazy and unfocused. Couldn’t stand them. I still don’t care for his art, yet as a trained and practiced artist, I have come to grips with my repulsion, and the angst it caused. I UNDERSTOOD the artistic PROCESS. The action that defines our creative piece. I could critique because I worked with the same labor and burden.

Pollack at work
Pollack at work

Is it the sweat that truly makes it art? The intention? The beholders translation? Who defines art and what is taboo?

Smashing cig-butts on canvas with bits of dog hair in what seems like erratic movement and horrid color choice?

Or is it the Holy symbol of nearly 1 Billion Christians and Catholics submerged in a jar of human urine?

No matter the piece, artist and the public have strong emotions regarding what they value sacred, and others blasphemous. Is it done in arrogance or to enlighten?

Such is the question of the recent destruction of two  recognizable works of art.

First the Infamous “Piss Christ’ Was smashed to bits.

“In April 2011, the artwork was irreparably damaged by vandals at the Collection Lambert art museum. Katie Engelhart considers whether it was right for the museum to have exhibited the work.” Full STORY…

Piss Christ...even the print is targeted...
Piss Christ…even the print is targeted…

In October of 2012, Uriel Laneros ,a 22 year old American walked into the Menil Collection on June 13 and – using a stencil he created based on his signature images – spray-painted a bullfighter killing a bull and the word “Conquista” on Picassso’s Woman in a Red Armchair.

Later after fleeing to Mexico with multiple charges vandalism with f jail time and up to a Million$ in fines. The young ‘artist’ put out this you tube video…with the ‘statement”this is for all those who have suffered‘.

He fled the country after creating artistic sacrilege. A gentleman at the gallery caught the crime in action.

In my humble opinion, this was not a work of art, but an arrogant ignorant self proclaimed artist vandalized a priceless work of art, and then was rewarded for it by my fellow Americans in a full show and art gallery. 


Not only has he defaced works in the US,but his lackadaisical understanding of inspiration is causing violent attacks on art world wide.

“It’s all very insulting to artists who work hard on their craft, honing their skills and marketing art,” Cohen said. “As artists, we’re all a little rebellious, but authenticity goes a long way.” Full Story…