Birgade practice.

I was once asked where I draw my inspiration for my art, my stories, and even some of my daily clothing.

In this case it comes from life imitating art, art imitating life. The SCA has been long a life blood of my creativity, my muse, solace and sanity. It forged a large portion of who I am today. The chivalry, hail ladies and bowing knights differs not in the modern mind of right and wrong, the courtly love and desire for a balance of goodness and pain.

Such came my love of all things fighters.

I’ve played for nearly ten years, and run with a wild band of Romano Celts, striking fear forever into the viking hoards that challenge our borders.

To them I owe more then thanks can be given, and honor them in my work.

Enjoy some of my friends, Brothers, veterans and fellow lovers of medieval history.

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