A mental doodle…

I’m working this scene out on paper that’s been going through my mind for a while:

The Wraith are chasing the Orc party and come to the river, They continue across its frozen top, but it starts to crack.

The Wraith quickly dismount trying to hurry across as the river groans and crackles. Aurora see the tale end of the party slip int the woods further down the river’s edge, she mounts Lolair and thunders across the ice, Marcus calls out, Lolair looses footing and slips, ditching her across the ice.

The thunderous weight of the war horse hitting the ice sends it shattering all out around them. Aurora grasps the cracking shelf around her as it suddenly gives way beneath her.

Roar is pulled under the current down river to more ice coverage, Marcus and Max are running the edge, she’s snagged on a branch, he cloak and armor weighing her down. Marcus and Max wield their axes into the ice. Roar is loosing conciseness and grip on the branch holding her from a cold swept doom. Soon her breath gives out. Siraj in full rapture and sudden panic forgets himself and those around him, giving no heed to his secrets, eliminates the ice between him and Roar. The river goes up in a blast of steam, melting for nearly a thousand yards.

The Wraith are left pulling themselves out of a warm sauna like river, fish flopping from the heat.

Siraj has pulled Roar from the surface, ringing her back to conciseness and life on the shore.