Deck the easel…12.7.12


FRIDAY 12.7.12 1700-2200

@Bamboo Lounge

FREE Entry

21 & up after 2100

Music, Art, Sushi and Wine.

Once a month, a throng of talent gathers under the watchful gaze of lucky bamboo and the harmonic laughter of wide-eyed koi fish at the San Diego Bamboo Lounge.
Join us this holiday season by wrecking the halls of the silent nights! The gentle tinkle of glasses will come together over joy, friendship, music, and incredible local talent.
Beguile and indulge in San Diego’s finest, fastest growing talent.
Treat yourself to some tasty sushi and wine, all while enjoying great art.

Talent present: Live art with Doc Grable, Danny Peralta, and N.B. Carlo.Work by: Selfridge Photography

Jewelry designs and creations by: Gypsy Dutch Arts, My Lucky Dragon, CeceiPunch, Indigo Pomegranate, and more to tantalize you from rainbows to tuque.

Each artist will donate a piece of art or work to the Rummage Gallery drawing.

*Spend $20 at Rummage to be entered into the art raffle. Must be present for the drawing*

Come by sleigh, surf, or turf.

RUMMAGE Artists is an open and welcoming art collective, featuring the creative
works of a diverse group of artists. Located in San Diego, CA.  We invite you to
explore, engage, and discover something new.