Marvel Tribute Show…

Marvel Tribute show 11.16.12 photo by Alex Salazar Galleries FB

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San Diego has always been known as the birth place of Comic Con International. What isn’t commonly known is the inspiration, dedication and enthusiasm a generation ago left for us in a fantastic tribute to all that is awesome and heroic about the human race.

Our Heroes and Heroines, beyond all culture and definition of greatness carry singular similar qualities that expand the globe.

Fortunately we here in San Diego having a sea port…air port…and hopefully some day…space port; we seem to gather the greatest talents and minds the world across.

Yet like the storms of mother nature, our craft is silent until the rumble of her masses can be heard across the plains, seas and mountains.

yes ladies and gentleman. San Diego brings you the beginnings of true creative prowess.

Marvel Tribute 11.16.12





*Photos in Slide show provided by Eddie Holly and ESG Designs.