‘the WAR of ART.’

“It is one thing to study war and another to live the warrior’s life”-Telamon of Arcadia mercenary of the 5th cen B.C.E

I was fortunate enough to have this book passed along to me. Its a short read filled with honest truths about the creative mind and our war with Resistance.

Resistance is the force in our lives that pushes us further and further from our souls work.  Defined by the creatively blocked artist as the ‘Devil’, tempter, deceiver.

If This book has one single message…

…It is to demand time and call on the muse even when it doesn’t suit you.

I am well acquainted with the late night muse, the one that takes you into the wee dawns of morning  That genius sitting beside you resting their head on our shoulders , whispering the words we need to hear.

When stuck, trapped in a thought I refer to my insomniac art life prior to realities commitments and seek solace in an old energy until I can feel the movement of fresh ideas.

Resistance is more easily challenged in the dead of night when there are no calls, no chores, no stores to distract us. We can slay the beast on our own. But when the sun rises and the demands of life seek their sow, the Resistance grows against us like some monstrous force.

Personally I can feel it, that thrumming of anxiety that builds in my gut every time I wake. The one that says…” will you have time to work on your art today?” What calls of reality will take my energy and sap my will from my sketching?

Dishes, dogs, eating. Eating is a resistance all in its own. Something I battle on multiple realms. As a vegan, gluten free art genius trapped in my own cycles, I tend to forget the important things…like eating. So this becomes a resistance to my art. I’m devoting hours to preparing something that will only in turn become waste in less then 24 hrs. I’m deprived for time and simple mundane routines perturbs me. But I eat, and the Resistance lifts. I am ready to challenge my muse.

‘the War of Art is a lesson in becoming the pro, the master. Separating ourselves from the novice.

I know my Resistance is challenged, and I do value and view my self as a professional artist  I remind myself of the THOUSANDS of hours I have devoted to my drawing, painting, writing, and creative outlets in general. I’ve thrown away more art then most people will ever create. And this, these actions are ballista for my daily battles.

We are what we make of ourselves.

This book gives you the knowledge, it’s up to yeah, the beastly master of wild domains to harness the creative insight, or be  bereft of life’s finest struggles and glorious moments.

Artistic epiphany.