Urban Emporium @98 Bottles.

The Urban Emporium is being hosted @98 Bottles.

I will be there tonight from 1800-2200 with hand carved piece for jewelery, finished work and art. Come support the local SD art Rummage group!


Well folks I have to say I love 98 Bottles. I ‘m thinking I need to do a venue for live art at this site. It’s just North of Little Italy on India street.

I got there a little late, typical. But set up quick and met some nice folks. Having worked the Farmers market all last summer and spring prepared me for to set up and break down a vendor table efficiently and quickly.

The vibe was nice, met some talented women and nice gents. I LOVE Bad Pickle Tees. Their humor is approved by this vegan!


Had a nice show and met interesting people.


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