The Bamboo lounge has to be my favorite venues to show work in SD. Located just  off Park Blvd and on University, the Bamboo lounge sits back off the street quite unassuming and chic.

It’s Japanese theme with bamboo, Buddhas and comfortable wicker and leather chairs add to the ambiance of style, but a casual air on a side of hipness. I dig the Bamboo lounge for a couple of reasons.The bar its self is in four parts. You have a nice foy’re where artist greet people as the walk by and come to the show. The second area is the bar and ‘dinning’ area. A sushi bar sits up against a wall and another area tucks off in a corner with two LARGE leather couches. The THIRD part of the bar is the gallery. Here long term works hang on the wall and are up for sale. There is so much amazing work showing right now. After this little tour of artist, here you’ll usually find Danielle from D. Smith the paranormal writer, Alex Julian or several of our on going fine jewelry and design artist.

When you get out side you find the live painters. ( As opposed to the usual undead scene) Eric, or Truth might be out side under their lamps pouring their souls for a few toppins. Tainted Ink is squirreled away just next to the back door, delightfully hidden in a private nook to chit chat with the crowd about the current works.

Your face will freeze that way!
April Star Davis Designers for Africa