The Cost of Art.

Good art isn’t cheap…and that’s the fact of the matter.

WORK IN PROGRESS’Tsunami’ Acrylic paint and marker. 2012

In my line of creative ‘work’ I’ve come across some interesting conundrums.

Making a statement, name, change and money…and survive through my art.


MANY lay people gasp at the cost of some of my works. ” $600- 1300? It’s JUST art!”

Insert sigh and unearthly head pounding on nearest wall.

What I do is more than just a ‘hobby’ or ‘quaint past time’. This is my soul thriving purpose. It just so happens that people like to give me money for my work. I don’t create it with selling in mind. I create it for my own enjoyment.

So identifying a fair trade or cost for one’s labor is still important.

It can pay the bills. how can you price something like creativity.

I sought out local money guru and roommate and explained to him my problem. He gave me a simple formula:

Hours of painting X $Dollar pr hr +materials+Labor of love= STICKER COST.

3 out of the top 10 highest fetched art belongs to Pablo Picasso. Top 10 Most expensive works of art.

The portrait of his mistress sold for $106,482,500 in May of 2010.