The Ruby Room

Ruby Room: 2100 hrs 08.26.2012.

1/2 hour to Start, I took Round One. I’m not one to sit around with a band-aid. I apparently killed my rivals, and moved on to spectate for the second round of artistic gladiators. The talent was thick and tensions high as a head pounding ( Heavy on the head pounding…5 hrs of head pounding…did I mention…Head pounding) Deep Urban Industrial Techno Rave on Adderal battle of DJ”s raged on behind my…pounding head.

It was simple, an awesome array of a SD’s art crowd submitted their vote for show favorite.

The champion was selected in an most democratic way. Didn’t count if you weren’t there.

I lost to a worthy advisory by a single vote.

My 1 hr work 08.26.2012

“Ancient Muse” C.S Grable 2012 Tainted Ink Press

‘The show went of with a blast! Enrique Luis Plazola was our winner and top gladiator for last night show! Doc Grable was runner up! Great job to the artist and Djs, Our shows can not be without our rummage family so big thanks to Chris BK Stubbs and Danielle D. Smith, You guys rocked it! cant wait to see who steps up to the plait for the next Battle!‘ Rummage Artist Alex Julian