My Still, life.

I’ve started a new series of works in colored chalk and charcoal. Hopefully I will have them framed and ready for a show coming up here in the next few weeks.

I decided that I needed a change in medium and subject. Need a little perspective. 

So between farming and running a small dog run (I care for 11 dogs through out the day) I’m finding a sense of peace in simplicity.

I started the drawings with no expectations, it is art, and that is what art must be; loose and free.

Working with chalk is a nice transition from acrylic and paint pens. I am still ‘pushing’ medium around. The chalk blends like paint.

The only down side is the fixative. And the amount of it I use. Its part of my technique.

and the dust.


Chalk dust every where, on every thing. Thankfully it cleans up easily, but you are walking in color when you work with such a fine medium!