Frank Frazzetta

The legend, the master, Frank Frazzetta has been gone for 2 years now leaving us with an amazing legacy of art, creative power and inspiration.

We miss you Frank.



2 thoughts on “Frank Frazzetta

  1. didn’t we all want to be able to do as he did with his works…great works he will climb higher with his art…a last, he will have to look down as it unfolds.

    1. I found his work as a child. Maybe 9 or 10. It was n this wild sci-fantasy book from the early 80’s. It was full of short stories and art. My favorite was the Mars princess. I was SUCKED in. As a youth I found I was obsessed with the realm of impossibilities and Frank’s work took me there. I learned how to draw breast by the time was 13 from his work. HA ha!

      Frank, where ever you are! Enjoy the work and sweat!

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