Art, more than an elective.

When they say “art saves lives” who ever they are couldn’t be more right.

I’ve been to some curious points in my life where there is nothing but the open void with a sea dropping before you and all the world with it’s back turned. The helplessness and frustration that comes from being one of ‘those’ individuals who locks up at the thought of exposing any heart other than my first.

I’ve confided in many a painting, Aurora has listened to me for countless hours, quiet, waiting, while Siraj paced heavily away in the shadows damned to give his opinion.

I’ve found solace in many situations through my art. Without the outlet, or freedom of expression, the loss I find with joyfulness in my progression. If I had not the paint, what else would there be left for my idle hands?

Not only does art save lives, it changes them.




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