‘Distraction’ ~a graphite explination.

'Distraction' pencil on paper 14x17

What I thought would be a loose sketch to help stretch the wrist while digesting some Spartacus in the back ground turned into a full scene playing out in an amusing and reviling side of our heroine.

Aurora with her fellow Wraith are held in the Southern State of Lowar’mar. A heavily fortified city, with a strong and well trained city and palace guard.

The Wraith ; Aurora, Marcus, Cassius, Dei`dra, Ma’ta, Max and Siraj are held as ‘guest’ in the palace, while their quarters not uncomfortable, are force and under watchful eyes, hawk enough to hold Siraj from chasing the end of the clay tiled roofs.

In order for them to escape successfully, particular items must be obtained and paths cleared.

Aurora, with little prompting (is suspicious of her own motives,) agrees as the Shaw’s ‘favored’ to take the keys herself. Siraj is stern against the plan, (for obvious self interest) and is openly wary of the Statesmen, seeing how his reprisal against minor infractions where corporal to end.

Siraj was wise in his concern especially should their scheme be discovered, makes alternate plans.

'Distraction' in progress.'

I started this sketch a few days ago, as I said it as supposed to be a simple warm up sketch but became this beauty of an illustration. I started with the notion of, what would Roar look like dancing the Veils of Fyre?(A dance done for one’s Amaanat, or ‘sweet heart’.)

Needless to say Siraj is burning to the touch at the thought of having to sit by while she dances for their escape.

'Distraction' 5.0

And as I progressed I found she as smirking, as if enjoying the very dance itself. She’s positioned directly adjacent to Siraj, and Marcus to his left with the rest of the camp locked up and under close guard. And Dei’dra under Kellen’s hand.

I love to draw in pencil, I can meld the shades of gray and graphite as easily as paint, and sometimes with greater ease.

My secret, don’t be attached to the outcome. take breaks, come back to your work. I spend a lot of time sitting back and looking at digital shots of my work before I go back and make a correction.

Its trial and error sometimes, no matter the years of mastery.