‘Lands Meet’: Horse in motion.

‘Lands Meet: Ride to Lapas’

I started another full page of my graphic novel. I don’t seem to work on the pages in any sort of chronological order. The pen ordains the project, and I am obliged to it’s command.

On this simple blank paper  (24x 20) I’ve started a scene from  Book I ‘Roar’. Officially this is Aurora’s ‘Call to adventure’. She receives the summons to return to Lapas for a lands meet. Something she is required to attend as the official Land Holder for the Wraith’s Priory.

I wanted to create something that showed a strong portrait of time passing and the fluid forward movement of a galloping horse.

I searched online through a swamp of galloping, trotting, walking, dancing, rearing, foaling, mating, thundering horse images. Then I recalled a photograph of the very first series of a horses movement. An argument had ensued between friends weather or not a horses legs ALL come off the ground during the gallop.

So ingenious minds took what is now the fore-mother of film and animation.

Clearly as anyone who has ever had the joy and privilege of riding a horse can tell you at times, its like flying, and all legs come delicately lifted in a tight tuck inwards towards the body.

Now I had to translate the motion of a thin boned warm blood into that of a heavy hoofed body of Aurora’s seasoned war horse, Lolair.


Lolair is a super dense bodied horse with wide heavy hooves, thick legs and  a short but powerful stride.

The Equa’fae were selected and breed for their ability to be a stout horse that could gallop for miles on end without so much as a snuffle or a leg cramp.

(To this day Aurora has pulled the saddle before Lolair has tired)

Lolair commands space when he’s in full swing. He’s the alpha male of the Wraith Equa-fae herd and only answers to Aurora. These are traits I try with confidence to translate to line and color.

To get a good understanding of horses and their anatomy, you have to practice, practice, practice drawing them. Only in rare miracle like moments do human beings grace our planet with the ability to do something first try, they are called heroes, and that’s and entirely different topic.

'Ride to Lapas' Pen, pencil on paper. WIP 2011

Since the average art student is not the fruit of Thor’s studly loins, or springing from the silken scalp of Zeus; you’ll have to build muscle memory from repetitive studied movements until your hand can fly over paper without blinking or thrashing because you lost your eraser. (Hence why I draw in pen.)

Some artist think its shameful or cheapens their wok if they draw from reference, I mock these fools. Their snubbing shows clearly in their quality and technicality of their finished artistic ‘work’.

I can draw from my ‘imagination’ only because I’ve drawn the subject of work a thousand times before.

New things, or things left to decay in my memories need constant refreshment. And being in the presence of them, or to absorb as much as you can through photography, images, digital etc, the better.

'The ride' close up.