I’ve got a ‘Golden Ticket’!

Here me giggle with glee! That tempered snorty chuckle you hear hidden behind cupped hands?

Yeah that’s me.

And I’ve got a fairy Goddess mother who loves me despite all my short comings and difficulties as an upright ape.

I get to go to the ever coveted San Diego Comic convention, not only am I spoiled and greatly blessed with a free day pass, I get to go to PREVIEW NIGHT.  Yes I can feel the collective  sigh of my most nerdy and geek like friends now.

Basking in that envy I’m going to stalk those long halls like a wide eyed kid eager to sniff out the new games and art. This is going to be awesome and good times. I’m looking forward to wondering the many professional booths, getting ideas for how I want to present myself next year.

I plan on having a booth at Comic con in 2012.