‘Confessions’ Sketch to Fin.

15 min rough sketch. Pen on paper 14x17

I love a good ‘Love’ scene. Something to tingle your flame, to tighten those toes and to make you smirk.

I was inspired by multiple muses when doing this piece. First off Aurora and Siraj have a very electric relationship. Lots of energy, sparks, and somebody gets shocked or jolted once in a while. They are very polarized as individuals, but when cooperating their compatibility is dangerous, something akin to an orchestrated storm of destruction and precession steel in a full whirling 360 degrees.

Something Cassius has a first hand chance to witness when the Wraith are pinned down by the Orc hoard of Vanna’Yel Shye.

In Short Siraj and Aurora are a romantic duo blessed by the stars when free from idle chatter; hands bothered by flesh or sword.

But left to quarrel, they are danger to themselves, and those around them.

When I started this I had a ‘feeling’ a sense I wanted to portray. One of my greatest assets as an artist is my ability to express emotion, mood and a ‘vibe’ through my work. One of my favorite compliments:

You’re work is Visceral, makes your gut tighten, I almost feel like I shouldn’t be looking!”

Excellent! Now we continue!

Prisma color pencil, WIP 1-2 hrs.

Like all work, it starts off ugly. I only know of a few incredibly talented artist who can produce perfection on the first run through, and their pretty dog damn amazing.

Since I’m not among them, I have over the years learned to ‘carve’ away my work through a messier more loose process.

(Its incredibly freeing and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.)

Many schools of art demand that you do thumb nails, and have multiple sketches before you set out and begin your work. I agree, if you haven’t been doing this for 30 years.

For the general art ‘student’ I suggest drawing out a few sketches before embarking on the journey to creative land and loosing your way with a broken #2 pencil and a shortened perspective.

As for me? Bah, I don’t really do much of a thumb nail, the loose wild lines you see in the background are my thumbnails. You  loose a certain amount of mo’jo when trying to translate from ‘nail’ to design. I grab that proverbial blue bull by the horns and throw it down right there on that 14×17 page.

Perhaps that’s part of my kitsch. I don’t loose my momentum, my energy or emotional shadow across my art.

15-20 hrs WIP

I truly fell head over heals in love with this illustration. It grew on me over time especially when the subtle details came into focus, like her armor, or the trunk in the back ground.

Finished work 42 hrs