Leather, steal & Siraj.

'Two Moons' Inking. W.I.P 2-3 hrs.

Yes, the bad boy himself does wear armor, relative to his skill. He’s encumbered by anything heavier than a chain mail coif, and fancies himself a single shoulder cup for his defense.

No armor will protect me from an enemy bent on my death. Only the sheer will of my steal satisfies my protection.”

“That’s an extraordinarily optimistic out look for someone with so many scars, you gamble too much too often.”

“It’s never a gamble if I’m assured to be the victor.”

His half coat is in several parts, while mostly leather with some plating, it offers varied practical uses.

The shoulders are heavy leather with brass plates.

The hood is a heavily boiled leather that’s been treated, and died blue. (Not to be confused with his full Indigo coat he wears in the winter and when North of Lapas)  The heavy silk and wool coat attached at the collar is tribal specific. All the geometry embroidered and the designs woven in to his coat are for his people. Needless to say, it gets a few heads turning in villages with ancients old enough to have lost every tooth.

His fan braces are ‘Drae`gon’ plates. ( Dragon scale plating, from a Drae`gon he took in the second age.) The banding is bronze and set with Lapas and was forged by Lu’ay, Master smith and seer.

‘Two Moons’ Siraj. Pen, prisma pencil and paper 14×11