The ‘Promise’ Roar:Book I.

Stranded Sea Devils.

Roar: Book I Chapter X

” I have no choice in this?” Siraj shook his head, his ebony braids, beaded and tied, clattered against one another at his vigorous head shake. He lifted his chin, narrowing his eyes he watched his beloved friend’s face seeth with frustration and anger, emotions the big Rennian was clearly entitled to.

“This isn’t a matter of choice, we’re passed that.” Tamb paced with his hands pressing and folding over one another. His broad sun beaten shoulders hunched forward, his dark almond amber eyes burning as he circled, paced, and circled once more around Siraj, who had been leaning over a warm ale for some time, enjoying a moment at a familiar stained table for two quite comfortably, until now.

The Fae’ Hassan felt his skin goose and with bated breath he pressed his palm to the table and stood, his deep indigo eyes fixed, he stepped in Tamb’s orbit, his hand pressed gently to his chest, consoling.

” I have been deliberate and not sought her out and you press me to go against my very heart? I can not do this by  choice. ”

“Still you think too short Siraj, this is about Amet! ” Tamb slapped Siraj against the shoulder, his teeth bared. ” You must see Aurora and ask her to free Amet.”

‘You ask for the sun!” Siraj glanced back at the flat ale, his lupine eyes narrowing. “She won’t see me.”

“Then beg.”

“Beg? Brother you have long been softened by ale and shore. You disrespect me.”

“Expect no apology.”


“You would not breech those walls for your own kin?” Siraj raised a ebony eyebrow. Tamb shook his head, waving his worn hands in disgust. “I disrespect you?” he snorted, “you shame this house. You duck in the shadows like a thief at the first sound of shod shoe.”Tamb spat, his gut hurt, his hands ached from squeezing them, his finger tips bruised from the force.

“You’d offer me no quarter if it where your own flesh…He is my only son.” Tamb dropped back into a low slung leather chair his arm jerking his thumb towards his four daughters sitting around a table on the balcony, all leaning in, heads pressed in whispers.Their weary father leaned on the chair arm staring into the nimble flames of the early evening. His thick fingers stroking the length of braided and beaded beard. His amber eyes looked up at Siraj.

“It’ll be my death, but I will approach the matter.” Siraj looked down at his hand his fingers dragging over the oiled and many times waxed wood. Tamb had stood in a single motion and grasped him like a lost friend, Siraj felt crushed beneath the massive man’s embrace. Coughing in discomfort, he begged release. Tamb stepped back giving him a firm, pleased clap to his cheek.

The two turned their heads as the small tinkling brass bell over the Inn’s front door clanged noisily announcing the arrival of  the evenings first customers. Tamb withdrew from his friends side and greeted the noisy band of Rennian elders.

A man with wiry white and black brows; bent at every joint and bone stepped up clasping Tamb’s broad blue lined tattooed arms, embracing the ‘pup’. Tamb had his head bowed, and from the side he called to his four idle daughters, they scattered from their perch, darting behind the bar and kitchen to fetch provisions for their father’s patrons like a flurry of River birds.

Siraj sighed shaking his head, his eyes glancing back at his warm flat ale sitting alone  in the middle of his empty table. With a little attention as possible,  he with drew into the kitchen and towards the Inn’s garden. Pausing  he pressed his back to the wall as the gentle Akiliah and wily Dahab, Tamb’s twins approached him with steaming bowls of soup and clay plates filled with various thick curds, spices.

Dahab carried the sloshing jug full of freshly imported beer from the Coast of Damascus and the Northern Rennian borders in on dainty hand and fresh bread baked that afternoon in a basket against her narrow hips.

He held the cumbersome door while they bowed their dark heads, hazel and coco eyes blinking back from behind long lashes. The girls blushed, wild eyes lingering on the Fae’ Hassan long enough to find their mother broom close on their heels. She gave a disapproving glance to her Husband’s ‘kin’ and followed them to the bar.

Siraj snorted quietly as he stepped on to the weathered rain slick stone step, he pulled his thick silk and wool cowl up over his ebony head, his angular lines hidden by its shadow.His lupine indigo eyes scanned the damp garden, the Inn’s light filtering across the stone and soil.

Tamb’s garden stood tall with various hardy herbs, late season fruit hung desperately to slow brown withering vines. a small black singing bird took wing as a cat cleared the stone wall. Oddly speckled chickens clucked and cooed quietly near their coop,their beady black eyes followed the cloaked being moving silently passed them and over the garden wall with no more sound than the rattling of life around could offer.

Siraj landed nimbly and quiet as a wraith in the alley facing the two story inn. He remained bent for a moment, stood, and moved into the dark shadows of the wet evening.