A warriors respite.

Slick as a dragon fish, Aurora dove beneath  clear blue still water, her wild locks pooled behind her in the flash of crimson. Her pale silken form crept under the glassy surface without rippling its pristine reflection of the  brilliant sky high above the trees. Rolling on to her back she stretched her arms out over her head and closed her eyes as she floated from the shade into the sun. Her rose colored lips parted in a moment of quit respite, body light, free from the weight of the land’s gravity.

Aurora inhaled deeply, her body bobbing as she exhaled, dipping beneath the surface. Her heart relaxed as each dip refreshed parched flesh.  With another long exhale, her eyes slowly opened at the sound of dry rustling bushes and under growth disturbed by the clatter of rocks tumbling under the brush, thrown there by the careless swing of large hooves.

Lolair snorted, dipping his muzzle to the lakes edge. He stomped his hooves once his thirst was quenched and he felt refreshed, he snorted resting his cobalt eyes on his mistress. Smiling Aurora swam towards the war horse.

He shuffled, his snorts muffled by his chirp like whinnies and whistles. Swimming along the rivers edge she played back and forth with the beast until he jumped without warning, forward into the cool still water. With a great plash, and burst of bubbles, the massive war horse lifted his dark head, unbridled above the river surface, he kicked out his legs swimming in large circles around his wiry charge.