Building Roar’s “Logline” Warning: Spoilers

Who is the hero? – ‘ Roar-‘Dux’ Ferrum  is an emotionally unavailable cavalry commander sworn under to the yoke of her country, family and Oaths. acrylic on canvas 24 x 30

What is the Quest? –  Aurora is to Escort two ambassadors to E’quila, a country east of Rome, their borders separated by vast deep old forest, mountains and terrain . They march with twenty Heavy cavalry, across snow covered lands in hopes to negotiate a marriage between E’quila’s beautiful, but mute princess and the cunningly handsome Roman Emperor Heiberias.

The treaty however is at the expense of Rennon, and her people.

What does the hero want?  Aurora wants to continue serving for the Wraith Epona, but under the Church’s guidance, and not that of the Senate.

What is the overarching external goal that is going to drive the events of the second act at least and possibly even the third act as well.  The return of the Orc Hoards and the barbarian invasion moving South.

Aurora has to successfully get the two senators, and their trappings to the Royal audience of Theodoric, the second son of E’quila.

What is the hero’s flaw?Aurora is emotionally unavailable, bitter and driven by work.

Stories are plots that force the hero to grow. What is your hero’s failing? She needs to learn to trust; be it in her military side or her torrid ‘love life’.

Does she lack courage or compassion? Aurora carries great courage, and has compassion for fellow soldiers. Her repute with villagers and locals is a bit more rough, and has been known to have a man dragged by a horse to make a point.

What sort of opportunity is there here for emotional growth? e.g. selfish, cowardly, greedy, materialistic, immoral, womanizing, ruthless, workaholic, obsessive. Several chapters in, Aurora is given the chance to save Siraj from a dark fate, but ignores him and continues her own purpose. Siraj is left in the hands of his enemies and suffers greatly for it. When Aurora crosses paths with  him again (to her great surprise), she is given the chance to redeem her earlier dismissal and regains his trust, confidence and love.

Where is the conflict? Aurora falls haplessly back in love with her  trouble some old flame while on the way to Equila as their guide through the Hya’Kush range. The union, (brief and while on march) brings nothing but, heart ache , distraction and frustration. (With the caveat of epic love in and out of the furs) She is an Empirical Officer in the Praetorian Guard along with her duty as the Dux of the Wraith Epona, while Siraj is a sleek trickster stirred from a long past forgotten with tears and ale. And he’s a Pharaoh’s Hassan. Not to mention Rennian.Pen on paper. Tainted Ink press 2011

Drama is all about conflict so we need to understand why this quest is going to be difficult for the hero.

What’s at stake?The financial collapse of the Empire and the revolt of a starving unpaid army.

If Aurora successfully gets Theodoric to agree to let his sister marry her Emperor, she forges an alliance with Equila which will give her country greater access to Damascus, Rennon and Friah’fore. If she fails, the coffers are broke, and the army would hold no pay. Sending the soldiers home with empty bellies and shallow pockets. “The Army doesn’t march for free.”

If they don’t achieve this goal, the consequences are massive –

Who is the antagonist? Siraj and Heiberias are the primary antagonist. While Siraj is owes  Aurora  a life debt and being ridiculously out of his mind in love with her; his primary goal is to stop the alliance to Equil’a at any means necessary.

While Heiberias is after a much more traditional means to his plans. He’s fighting Aurora’s support in the senate after she convinced them to  hold off on war negotiations until the marriage between the Princess and their newly ‘appointed’ Emperor was finalized. (Secretly hoping this would by Tanner time to raise the army in Lapas to defend against Rome if needed.

What is the tone? Dark Roman Western Romance.