New studio!

Oh yes, I have a studio.


Its been a long time coming, and I am very happy with my move. My walls at home are a bit bare, but it leaves room for further exploration into my own mind. And it gives me a break from my self, ( something I often need) I’m a maniac when it comes to painting, and have a bad habit of getting on terrible sleep patterns from my muses indiscretion in her arrival and exit.

Having a place  just for creating my art and hundreds of sketches and concept art allows me to give my work my full attention.

It’s a growing  project. I have the most important elements, a light a seat, some tunes, a place to pee, have a meal or two, and visit with my Sis’ta between paint stretches.  I’m feeling a growing sense of accomplishment, with my own space to work, I can direct my day as I see fit rather, then being distracted by outside contamination.