Night Flight.

Roar: Rogue’s Army

Book III

This is an idea I’ve been fleshing out in Book III. Aurora is forced to leave the army she had built for Siraj once receiving word that Heibrias amassing an army in the Southern cities, one fit to invade a civil war weakened state like that of her home, Lapas.

Duty demanding she return to Rome and to  reinstate the senate and stop Heibrias from his advancement to Emperor, in order to prevent all out war with Rennon, Equil’a and the ongoing border clashed with the Northern hoard.

With no other option, she leaves the army of  collective battle ready Hassan’s in Siraj’s hands. She gives no warning, and gathers enough supplies to reach the borders of Theodoric’s lands.

The deep moonless night had long brought the cool damp air over the camp. The sand rustled in the light breeze moving across the still desert covering the foot paths of a heavy horse following the stars North towards the mouth of a very narrow valley.

Her horse trotted along the crest of a dune, his pace steady and strong, carrying his charge through the dark of night on through strange lands long forgotten and for good reason. Away from the oasis camp, leaving the sleeping band of rebellious desert tribes far behind in the still darkness.

If Lolair kept his pace, and the wind in her favor she’d drop their trail. He hadn’t the supplies and water to follow. She’s stealthy had seen to that. Taking them for her own stores, she left them shy a day rides south worth of rations. He’d make it to Zadar.

It was possible he’d take half of theirs and send them back with grumbling bellies and give chase. This wasn’t Siraj’s first trek through the unchartered wylds.