Better camera, new studio, chapter one…art to come

Wow, the power of a better higher resolution camera makes art so much clearer in the finished product.

Keep your eyes open for the new, clearer, better picks of my art. I will be replacing many of the older articles with the new shots.

Now that the sun has swung towards its spring zenith I can feel the strangling urge to go and play out side, leaving all of my hard work to sit in the shade while I romp in the sun. I can only play for so long, before the itch comes tearing back and I’m secluded away into the cool darkness of my studio.

Oh did I mention I finally have a studio? Oh yeah, in the process of converting it and setting it up for my work.

I have to thank my best friend on this plane of existence for making this work.

So watch out for the first chapter of Roar, shots of new art, and the light of a new studio.