‘The Calm’

Acrylic on canvas 24x 36‘The calm’ Acrylic on canvas 24x 36

This has to be one of my favorite paintings. I pushed the paint on this lovely little beaut of a scene for about 13 hours. I started around 2000 and drifted to bed, paint brush drooling out of my hand, my shoulders burning…around 0400 the next morning.

I was obsessed, driven, pushed, poured into this painting.

Originally, I had envisioned a much more chaotic scene, one in which a city was being sacked with flames falling over the walls and a massive dragon perched on the citadel gate.

Instead I finished a brilliant colored ‘calm’ moment between a young Aurora, and a ‘happier’ Siraj.

I wasn’t sure where this painting was going, I wavered between a much more forceful weighted kiss or what I like to delectably refer to as ‘kissing butterflies’.

His grip on hers is very delicate if he’s touching her at all, while I’m sure her left hand is firmly gripping the railing behind them. (…you thought I was going to say his ass)

The picture on the site doesn’t do the master justice. I love color, and this one grabs you and holds you for a while.