‘Cavalry’ the process.

‘Cavalry’ I started this painting in the middle of the night on a wild idea of ‘meeting’ four of the nine front players in Roar.

I wanted to have the four astride their loyal Equa’fae with the sunset at their backs.

And so begins my struggle to define individual persons with unique qualities and personalities.

Marcus, Aurora’s First Lt. (and long standing silent crush)

Deid`ra, Aurora’s specialist in spear and silent combat. ( Her tongue was cut out long before she joined Epona’s order of wraith)  Not only is Deid`ra Rennian, and a freed slave; she hails from the same Tribes as Siraj. ( which always leads to interesting uncomfortable situations)

Aurora, the Dux of Wraith Epona, and cousin to the emperor, and a High Holy Imperial Officer for the order of Red Eagle.

And Ma’ta, the mysterious bardic blondie from the Western isles. A master marksmen,unrivaled archer, and master of multiple weapons, including various hand to hand. A bubbly gal with enough cheer, but a dark side as deep as her joy is high.

A formidable bunch that draws shutters closed.

As you can see the work has changed n the week I’ve been pushing paint.

Here I’ve started on Ma’ta’s mount but was having some difficulty with the horses legs. Horses are peculiar creatures with tricky legs. To draw that is.

My advice to artist looking to do work involving horses, go hang out with the real thing. When I have the opportunity, I take my large sketch book to our local Jousting group. There is a number of horses of all sizes and colors to work from. Life offer the best guidance for an artist.

Does life imitate art, or is art reactive of our lives…? Hmmm

You need to spend time with the things you want to translate into art. Much of art is through repetition and muscle memory. But like any form of exercise you always have to change it up. Hence why I work in paint, pencil, clay, water colors, color pencil, graphite, and CS.

OK, now we’ve got some proper legs on Ma’ta’s mount.  You can see the front left hoof is now tucked behind his front right leg, this would be a proper position for a horse just standing around.

I have now gone back and adding the rolling hills, working out my back grounds and colors. I want that feeling of the warm sunset one would get at the end of a western where our hero has saved the gal, returned the cattle to the ranch, and saved the Apache from abusive Union cavalry. Except that this band is going into the east, into the evening, the on coming darkness.

Their work is just starting. They face the evening of uncertainty. Marcus looks on with a bit of concern but his scowl is stern and not worried. Deid`ra seems pleased and ready to go, while Ma’ta is nearly falling out of her saddle from the joy of a good challenge. Than Aurora stoic, unswayed, cool as a draft in winter looks forward, straight into the darkness.

I was pleased with this paintings outcome. It was on a whim, and I struggled with some simple problems any half brained painter should have seen and solved.

After a day off I came back with a ferocious appetite to paint. I tackled my colors and details. Sorted out my anatomical issues and got down to the business of painting. I was looking at the trees, needed to climb the hill and check out the valley.

The reward of an awesome piece of art was Secondary to the voice of Roar, I was able to put their faces, and some of who they are on to canvas. In the hours I worked away on this I learned more  about them, myself, and their story,  then any I could express in a single post.

I had to challenge my self, as soon as I let go, and gave it the gusto, the paint took over once again, and I was empowered by the color.

It feels nice to accomplish a high quality painting, mood, and illustration. A thousand words said in what 24 x 30 can in a few moments.

Enjoy the paint.