‘Palms’ Finished Work

Ink Illustration on paper 9x12 T.I.P 2011 ‘Palms’ Ink illustration on paper 9×12.

This is straight out of Book II

Roar: Son’s of Ra.

With out spoiling too much, Aurora finds herself in Rennon offering her help to Siraj after trekking for hundreds of countless miles through the desert to find Siraj and retrieve a misplaced artifact left under the care of an elusive, silent tribe of desert people.

Only one speaks for this curious silent nation of nomadic warriors.

The ‘Mouth’.

Even if they found the one group of wandering tribes from the High North that obtain the location of the Solstice meeting, getting there and surviving the adventure is a story all in its own.

An epic trip through ancient lands lost to the heat of burning sun and the swallowing desert of sand and time. Negotiating  a world far different than the fire lit halls of the White walled Citadel will prove to be difficult especially with  wild raiders, conniving serpents, Dijin and troubling quarrels amongst the travelers. Our heroes  may find it hard to set out on a hunt that could end in a cold…dead trail; or a most horrific doom.