‘2 swords’ a study in movement.

‘2 swords’ ~pen on paper 9×12

Movement in art, how can you convey someone running, falling, tumbling, or dancing gracefully through a series of lines?

I learned in gesture, that a  quick study of a body in movement is what gives us the most true  flowing lines. Flowing lines, and balance are essential key components in a well composed piece.

The full illustration now moves in a fluid motion. You can see the firm deliberate lines that connect each sketch with the next. Composition is essential to believable movement.

Especially with body mechanics. Fortunately as an artist I have the rare exception of watching real men and women fight with swords, glaves, spears and shields on a weekly basis.

I get the real thing… and there is no substitution for lack of experience.

While this is all drawn free hand and from memory, an artist has to practice, practice, and did I mention practice?… your art, or craft in order to achieve mastery.

(Something I am constantly on the move to understand)

Art, illustration, drawing is all like life.

You have to participate to grow.